Motion Design and live visuals

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31.04.2018 Crack Bellmer - Berlin
Witches Are Back! DJ set/Video Installation/Art Exhibition
Self made dirty and audio-reactive visual synthesizer based on a VGA Signal Generator's circuit. Installation with 4 cathode ray tube Televisions for one of the Witches Are Back nights. “We believe that every woman own the secret of life and a powerful strength. We believe that music could conjure energy and reveal universe laws. We stay united and dance around the fire of the new millennium Sabbath.”Witches Are Back!
13.03.2018 Loophole - Berlin
M a r t e s & 1 3 Vs Tide 6000 & KR4CH freunde
Audio-visual night at Loophole.
23.02.2018 Spud Bencer - Berlin
Interstellar Open Networking
Diese Veranstaltung, Reise, Versammlung beginnt mit einem Podium/Diskussion rund um das Thema: Eventerstellung rund um Kunstfelder im deutschen Kontext. Dazu, ist die Bezeichnung >BoikoT< in den letzten Tage aufgetaucht. In situ mehr erfahren.

14.10.2017 Urban Spree Gallery - Berlin
Kaometry 10 years // Berlin
Self made dirty and audioreactive visual synthesizer based on a VGA Signal Generator's circuit. Installation with 4 cathode ray tube Televisions for the 10th anniversary ofKaometry Records Label.
06.08.2017 Spektrum - Berlin
Fuego + Robin Burke, aDaM_bUrKe & Greta Macri #341
With the ending of the ice age 12,000 years ago, humankind began it's slow but dramatic reordering of the natural world for it's own benefit. From the hunting to extinction of various large mammals to the use of fire to slash and burn forests for farm land, humans have leveled mountains and forests for ore and wood to smelt various metals.
To the forced movements of people via international slavery and the colonization of the New World, humans have industrialised nearly everything from war to the production of food and the very environments we live in. Through sound and imagery, we will depict the above over the course of 40mins with the intention of illuminating our place in time now and questioning what is too come.
26.05.2017 Kantine am Berghain - Berlin
Lucia Cadotsch - Speak Low Renditions - Official Release Party
Award-winning Swiss vocalist Lucia Cadotsch releases her second full-length album "Speak Low Renditions".
The evening will feature a colorful live performance led by Lucia Cadotsch as well as a performative Clubnight hosted by Trummerschlunk, Marc Lohr + Greta Macrì and an opening set by Don Philippe (Freundeskreis).
18.02.2017 Spektrum - Berlin
SCS / LC Lab / Berlin Modular showcase night
Three Spektrum communities - Berlin Modular, LC Lab and Sonic Code Sessions - will be performing together to present you a lush programme.
The artists of the individual groups will interact with each other to create improvised audiovisual performances.
20.01.2017 ACUD MACHT NEU - Berlin
Vorspiel 2017 Opening
We played as a Collective an Visual-Audio Performance Live Cinema Lab (SPEKTRUM - art science community).
19.01.2017 Spektrum - Berlin
Robbertunist - Greta Macrì - Deviser
Greta Macrì : Live visuals Performance with analog circuit bent devices, Analog video Mixer and Camera, DVD player.
Robin Burke (Robbertunist): Drone noise performance with modular synth.
Deviser: 1)3\/1532 - the media could not be played - Modular drone/noise performance
25.11.2016 Lauschangriff - Berlin
Pierpaolo Leo Monowatt Synchrony A/V Experimental Electronic
Live Audio-visual performance together with  Monowatt  and   Pierpaololeo.
In this live performance I used a circuit bent analog video mixer, analog camera, and a self made controller to create and transmute visual in real time.
10.06.2016 Brunnen70 Club - Berlin
Abstraktal Dimension 1st Edition
Live Visuals for Asymmetrical Code Label. AshiiMacro (Greta Macri)
28.05.2016 Schlachthaus Club - Tübingen
Analog Video Synthesis Performance at GENERATE!° lab Festival
Analog Video Synthesis Performance with circuit bent analog videomixer, analog video camera, circuit bent video texter and controllers.
13.07.2013 Kosmonaut Club - Berlin
Interactive Kinect installation.
Interactive Kinect installation based on the Illustrations of Azuldecobalt. With the use of a Kinect sensor, the user's movements were first calibrated through depth detection procedure. These depht's data were then converted in Animations.
Interaktive Installation, die auf die Bilder von Azuldecobalt basiert wurde. Mit einer Kinect Sensor wurden die Bewegungen der Nutzer erst mit einem Tiefenerkennungsverfahren kalibriert und die Tiefeninformation in Animationen umgewandelt. Die Installation wurde mit Processing erstellt.
27.03.13 XLAB - Berlin
Interactive Kinect installation.
Shapes in a grid, that are always facing toward the user´s hand tracking position. The main shape is one vector model in SVG format. It is possible to control many parameters (grid dimension, shape dimensions, color, transparency, Y axis rotation) with one midi controller at the same time.
Working Partners
Andreas Gunterman

Druck und Medientechnik

Langjährige Praxis-Erfahrung mit den Drucktechniken Offsetdruck, Siebdruck und Digitaldruck, Druckvorstufe und Color-Management. Umsetzung von Internet- und Software-Anwendungen. Gute Kenntnisse über WordPress-Blogs, Content-Management-Systeme sowie dessen Handwerkszeug html, php, css und javascript. Programme und Applikationen mit Java, C++ und python geschrieben.

Kaometry Records

Music Label

Founded in London in 2007, Kaometry AKA The geometry of chaos is an independent label based in Berlin (Germany). Experimental music, Abstract Electronica, Breakcore, melodic Drum'n'bass, Ambient, Hardcore, Broken beat, IDM, disturbing Dub-influenced Electronic and any sound experiments we listen to, we love, we live with, are the ones that we support.

Chiara Morcelli


Filmmaker, editor with an extensive background in live events, film, documentary, music videos and other artistic disciplines. Story boarding, filming, audio recording, editing, colour grading, and hosting online.

Robin Burke

Sound Engineer.

Robin Burke is a musician of 20+ years, a sound engineer, a real-time noise sculptor & frequency manipulator. He was born in Galway on the west coast of Ireland, studied at Dublin's TBMC & has been a resident of Berlin since the Spring of 2007.

Ivan Soddu

Illustration /Graphic Design

Ivan Soddu is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator with a huge passion for visual arts and every kind of expression of creativity. Best Skills: DIGITAL IMAGE EDITING, PHOTORETOUCH, PHOTO COMPOSITING, EDITORIAL DESIGN, BRANDING & IDENTITY, ILLUSTRATION


Drop me a line if you’re interested in working with me, collaborate, or just want to say hi.

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