Motion Graphics Design 2D/3D


Styleframes 2D/ 3D/ CGI, Visual Stills and Live Performances

Swirly Candy

Swirly Candy

Particle Dynamics

Wired Medium Shot

Wired Top Down Cam

Wired Side Cam




Car seat

Steering wheel

Car wheel


Nature Skin Food product line

Nature Skin Food product line

Fractal Geometry

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Motion Graphics Animations/ 2D/ 3D/ CGI/ VFX/ Compositing/ Advertising/ Branding/ Live Visuals.

Arc de Triomphe

Swirly Candy

Particle Dynamics

User Interface animations collection

16 Lower Thirds

Personal book-look I-PhoneApp

Explainer showcase

3D Transition

How to Musik_Trenner

Glow Text animation

Kaometry 10th Anniversary Berlin

An Audio & Visual Portrayal of the Anthropocene


TFD Explosion

Mir wave Test

Karmatic Arcade


Hi, my name is Greta, I am a Freelance Motion Graphics Designer Generalist based in Berlin.

I studied Graphic and Multimedia Design in Italy and focused my thesis on audio-video interaction using a Kinect sensor.
My weapons of choice are Cinema 4D + Octane Render, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop and Illustrator.
I love to research, learn new techniques and constantly improve.
Passionate about dark, Sci-fi, geometry, repetitions and Space Travels.
I am always glad to know about your project and define the best way to help you.
I'm available to work remotely and on-site.

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